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The Other Two Remaining Wigwam Motels
Wigwam Village Motel No. 2 - Cave City, Kentucky
Wigwam Village Motel No. 6 - Holbrook, Arizona
Worldwide Route 66 Associations
National Historic Route 66 Federation
California Historic Route 66 Association
Historic Route 66 Assocation of Arizona
New Mexico Route 66 Association
Old Route 66 Association of Texas
Oklahoma Route 66 Association
Kansas Historic Route 66 Association
The Route 66 Association of Missouri
The Route 66 Association of Illinois
Canadian Route 66 Association
Norwegian Route 66 Association
Czech Republic Route 66 Association

Fun Route 66 Sites
Wigwam Motel Slideshow - Lots of Wigwam Motel pictures.
The Mother Road: Historic Route 66 - Welcome to the oldest Route 66 dedicated website!
Route 66 "Mother Road" Museum (Barstow, CA) - A Route 66 museum located in one of Fred Harvey's train depot.
California Route 66 Museum (Victorville, CA) - Museum of historic Route 66 artifacts and photos on old 66.
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum (Clinton, OK) - An audio tour across Route 66 written and narrated by Michael Wallis.
National Route 66 Museum (Elk City, OK) - Road motif that will take visitors to all eight states along Route 66.
Mission Tiki Drive-In (Montclair, CA) - Tiki themed multiple screen drive-in.
Mother Road (Los Angeles, CA) - Mother Road is a culinary concept that celebrates modern Americana.
Route 66 Websites - Websites all about Historic Route 66.
Route 66 Gallery - Amazing Route 66 watercolors by Pete Morris.
Route 66 Experience - Musical slideshow highlighting Route 66.
Route 66 Gold Miners - A great place to meet with others in quest for gold and treasure.
Kids on 66 - Emily Pridy's "Route 66 for Kids" guide to the great mom-and-pop businesses.
Route 66 News Weblog - Weblog focusing on Route 66 news.
Route 66 Magazine - The original magazine for Route 66, subscribe today!
Route 66 Pulse Newsletter - Route 66 publication featuring articles, information and photos.
Route 66 Today TV - High bandwidth video clips of artists, authors, roadside owners.
Route 66 Motels - Best mom-and-pop motels the Mother Road has to offer.
Bring Back Route 66! - U. S. Highway 66 deserves to be put back on the Nation's road atlases.
World's Largest Attractions - A collection of larger-than-life roadside attractions from around the world.
Motel Americana - Exploring classic roadside architecture since 1995.
Government Resources
Visit California - Visit California's different regions!
San Bernardino County Route 66 - Interactive Guide Map.
America's Byways - View Route 66 Byways & order maps!
National Park Service - Experience Your America.
California Historical Society - An online guide containing more than 300 years of California history.
State Historical Landmarks - San Bernardino County listing.
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